Butterfly–7 Days a cappella

Thanks to Maia Raeder for finding this:

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  • This is exquisitely beautiful! (Listened to it already three times!) I can’t seem to find any information on the group, however. Do they sell recordings? Do you have a website to learn more about the group?

  • Karen Robinson

    Reminds me of this song from that record we had as kids. It always made me cry, and I think it was the reason Mom never let us keep butterflies:

    A butterfly will flutter by
    Its lovely colors catch your eye
    Let it go, let it go

    It’s just begun to see the sun
    So let it have a little fun,
    Let it go, let it go.

    It has but a few days to see the world
    It is so short a time since its wings unfurled
    Give it a chance to flutter and dance
    A few happy hours to sip at the flowers.

    A heart may sigh as it goes by
    And it may please another’s eye
    Let it go, let it go

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