A Creative Feminist’s Response to “I Live for Art”

By Laura K. Deal

I went to see I Live for Art at the Boulder International Film Festival expecting to be intrigued by other people’s perspective on creativity and the struggles involved with creating art. The gender-neutral language of the description led me to expect, without much conscious reflection, that the film would include female […]

In the Old Firehouse Line

When I find out Neil Gaiman is going to be in Fort Collins signing copies of Trigger Warning, I debate whether to go. Standing in line for anything is a serious commitment, and I know there are going to be a lot of people turning out for Neil. I finally decide to go. Because sometimes […]

Laura’s New Love: Lenormand

Gilded Lenormand Deck by Ciro Marchetti

Sometimes, you get the perfect gift. My deck of Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand arrived in the post one day when I was stuck at home because of dangerous road conditions. I’d been scheduled to spend the day in a nearby town with my most enduring friend, so I was feeling pretty blue. It wasn’t […]

NaNoWriMo #6

Until a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t sure I’d do NaNoWriMo this year. After the release of The Newcomer’s Guide to the Invisible Realm, I had no energy for or interest in working on my novel-in-progress. I found my way to a few poems, some random writings in my salons, and a slew of […]

Interview with Andrew Austin

I’m delighted to share this interview I did with Andrew Austin, developer of the technique he calls Metaphors of Movement. By helping people fully imagine the metaphors they use to describe their lives, he helps them find ways to move out of the confining structures of their own thoughts. Based in the U.K., he offers […]

Under the Fence: Deciding to Indie Publish

Metaphors pop up in waking life with as much meaning and impact as dream images, if we choose to notice them. In July, when I was putting the finishing touches on my book and getting ready to order my first print run, my emotions ran the gamut from excited anticipation to depression. I had made […]

Creativity at the Conference on World Affairs

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend panels offered by the Conference on World Affairs. I sought out the panels about creativity, spirituality, poetry, and stories. I heard a lot of things that affirmed my own experience, and other things that deepened my understanding, or challenged what I thought I knew. I’m still […]


Joel’s photo got me thinking about the emotional state I’ve been in this month. I wrapped up a big, difficult project at the end of December, and the emotional fall-out surprised me. It wasn’t a writing project, but a life-project, involving the care of an elderly relative. At the end of it, her situation was […]

Commitment and Vacation

Dear Readers,   I started this blog last winter solstice, and posted every day since. I’ve found it to be like any spiritual practice when undertaken with dedication and attention in that there have been times when it was exactly what I needed to cheer myself up, and other times when it’s felt like a […]


Just over a week ago, I finished –and won—another NaNoWriMo. I crossed the 50,000 word mark on November 29, and couldn’t bring myself to go back on the 30th. I know it’s just a down-draft, a first draft, but it still takes more effort than I’m used to to show up and write almost 1700 […]