Holiday Traditions

With Thanksgiving past and Christmas looming, I’ve arrived at the season of the year most packed with traditions. This year there have been a lot of changes, with my daughter off at college, so I’ve been thinking about traditions and what they mean.

I think traditions are a way to ground ourselves in the past, […]


Watching Randy Pausch’s lecture this week just emphasized for me how very little control we have over our brain chemistry. He said he just didn’t see the point in complaining about his situation. He remained upbeat and kept his sense of wonder. I admire that more than I can say.

I admire it because it’s […]


This is one of my favorite weeks of the year, even though it involves a lot of house cleaning and cooking, which are not among my preferred activities. I love, though, that we have a holiday dedicated to gratitude. I also love that in my family, the day isn’t fraught with drama, as it is […]

Voting for Compassion

It heartened me that this country voted from a place of compassion this last election. Obama’s agenda leans more toward helping those in need of help than Romney’s did, marriage equality made inroads, and even the legalization of marijuana by Colorado and Washington strikes me as a more compassionate stance than prohibition.

By compassion I […]


Recently, in response to my weighing the pros and cons of attempting NaNoWriMo, a friend said she isn’t a fan of arbitrary deadlines. It sparked the realization that the vast majority of my deadlines are arbitrary. I do not, at the moment, answer to anyone but myself about when I write, what I work on, […]


After I posted my recurring dream motif of “packing to go home,” I had a dream in which I was about to check-in to a hotel. My first response is that I’m seeing something in my life as at the beginning of the journey now, rather than the end. But it makes me wonder about […]

The Importance of Story

Humans have a long history of defining themselves as different from other animals, as tool-users, as language-users, as God’s chosen. I can’t speak to the last one, but it’s clear that the boundaries we’ve tried to put between ourselves and other creatures on this earth have been eroded, as we find various species from apes […]

Thoughts on Consciousness

I’ve been thinking a lot about the video that Joanne posted a link to in Thursday’s comments. It’s an interview with neurosurgeon Eben Alexander about his near death experience—here’s the link again: You can also read his article in Newsweek/The Daily Beast:

Natalie Sudman’s book Application of Impossible Things was the first NDE […]

Broken Rituals

In the last year, I’ve encountered half a dozen or more dreams reported by women that all revolve around the same theme. In the dreams, I (as the dreamer) am in a church, trying to perform a ritual, usually communion, and everything is going wrong. The cups are broken or dirty, there isn’t enough wine, […]

The Moon

Photo credit NASA/JPL/USGS

This weekend the moon waxed full, a bright circle in the night sky, a sign of wholeness. I get reminders every month of the full moon through my friend Brenda Ferrimani’s project Dreaming Global Illumination, but I would notice it anyway. I’m one of the people who thinks it’s way cool […]