The Dive

Cormorant looking up by Laura K. Deal

Signs from the Universe

Trouble Department

Photo by Laura K. Deal

Sunrise at 11,360 feet

Photo by Laura K. Deal

Photo by Laura K. Deal

To the Butterfly

Photo by Johanne LaRoque

Photo by Johanne LaRoque

By Johanne LaRoque

When you were a tiny oval thing Adhering to a leaf Were you afraid Of those seeking you to eat? The ants, ladybugs and wasps… I wonder… Could they see your shape of round Hiding in your growing ground?

What about when you grew bigger Had stripes […]

Sunset over the Pacific

Photo by Johanne LaRoque

Photo by Johanne LaRoque

Shadowed windows open

By Karen Perrell Campbell



Shadowed windows open Am I the guide or the guided Learning which path to take Opening the door to understanding?

Am I the guide or the guided Listening to the innocent Opening the door to understanding Parting the curtains to the […]

Mossy River

Photo by Kevin Raeder


Kevin Raeder resisted his mother’s heartfelt suggestions that he become a professional photographer, in favor of keeping photography safely disconnected from his paycheck. His paycheck comes from supporting data assimilation research at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Data assimilation is essentially creating the best picture we can manage […]


Photo by Laura K. Deal


I took this photo from a jet airplane on August 5, 2013.


Photo by Richard Fogg



Richard Fogg is the co-author of Fogg in the Cockpit, which offers a unique window into the world of a World War II fighter pilot.

Invisibility Sign

Photo by Joel Jackson



Joel Jackson studied both art and computer science after graduating from college. He now works in I.T., and has spent a few years experimenting with combining these two interests. This photo was taken in Tanzania in 2002.