Singing for supper

My friend Sean recently completed hiking the Pacific Crest trail, and this video documents a beautiful offering of gratitude from Sean and his partner Charles during their long hike. The introduction is about a minute and a half long.


Acoustic Eidolon “Ashokan Farewell”

A beautiful song played exquisitely by Hannah and Joe, posted today in honor of their new CD, Ancient Lovers.


Blue Lips

Jerry Douglas–The Boxer

Featuring Mumford & Sons and Paul Simon. Thanks to Maia Raeder for sending me this link!


Kate Bush–Running Up That Hill

Wolf Song

Voice Across the Water

I had the good fortune to hear Bailey Jester at a house concert and this song, in particular, pulled my heart.  

Stairway to Heaven–Acoustic Eidolon

One of my favorite covers by one of my favorite bands, Acoustic Eidolon.

Welcome Home

Ocean–John Butler Trio