Theaters and Auditoriums as Dream Symbols

A recurring motif in my dreamscape is that I’m trying to find a seat in a theater or outdoor auditorium. Often the only ones available are facing away from the stage, or are behind pillars. Sometimes the dream includes the performance, but usually it’s just one of those frustrating dreams of trying to obtain the […]

Pigs as a Dream Symbol

The other night I dreamed of two young pigs, which I don’t think I’ve ever done before. One was mostly black, the other mostly pink, and they were about two feet long. I’m first struck by the fact that there were two of them, since “twins” or doubles in dreams often represent something new coming […]

Shoes, Socks, and Bare Feet in Dreams

One of the associations that always rings a bell for me when footwear or bare feet appear in my dreams is that this is about my spiritual path. Shoes, in this case, would be the accepted, possibly inherited religious/spiritual beliefs I hold, or those I was raised with. Socks would be an intermediate phase, a […]

Turtles and Tortoises

A giant tortoise recently appeared in my dream, the same night two foxes were hanging out with my cat. The tortoise part of the dream was just a snapshot—it sat in my back yard. My waking life association with giant tortoises is that when I was a kid I got to ride one at the […]

Train on the Mountain

Here’s a dream I recently heard, and received permission from the dreamer to post it with my response.

The dream:

The center is the mountain. It is large, steep, rounded on the top, and devoid of vegetation. On the mountain is a road covered with the train track. The only way around this mountain is […]

The Fool and the Call

Today’s post isn’t strictly Spotlight Dream Reading, because the images come from a tarot reading I did recently–the first one in months. The reading provoked a number of ahas, especially with The Fool in the position for the present in the reading, and Judgment in the outcome position. I used The Gilded Tarot, which is […]

Packing to go Home

Over the last couple of years I’ve had a recurring theme in my dreams. I’m at a hotel/cabin/conference and am packing to go home. The actual packing of a suitcase is usually the opening for a longer dream, and the scenarios that follow or coincide with my packing vary greatly from dream to dream. I’ve […]

Urine as a dream symbol

One very common dream is of needing to find a place to pee. Jeremy Taylor’s experience of working with this symbol in any number of clients’ dreams is that it very often carries the meaning of needing to authentically express oneself. Of course, the dreams often correspond to a real physical need, but other dream […]

Elephant as a metaphor

Probably the first association with elephants that comes to many people’s minds is the phrase “An elephant never forgets.” The long memory of elephants shows up in dreams when we are invited to recall something we may have put away in some corner of our minds. Or to show us how the problem we’re dealing […]

Foxes in Waking Life and Dreams

One side effect of paying attention to the metaphors in dreams is noticing symbols and signs in waking life. Little synchronicities gain significance when they recur, just like recurring dreams. In my life, foxes show up to remind me of my mom and sister, and when I’m focused on dream reading.

Photo by Laura […]