Commitment and Vacation

Dear Readers,
I started this blog last winter solstice, and posted every day since. I’ve found it to be like any spiritual practice when undertaken with dedication and attention in that there have been times when it was exactly what I needed to cheer myself up, and other times when it’s felt like a chore. My plan is to continue the daily posts until this winter solstice, and then take a vacation. I don’t anticipate abandoning First Church of Metaphor altogether, but at this point I can’t see keeping up the pace of the last year’s posts.
One thing that would make it easier to continue frequent posts is if you, whether you’re a regular reader or an occasional drop-in, would let me know what videos, quotes, or dream symbols you’d like to see on First Church of Metaphor. I find the best material through the suggestions of my friends and relations. Also, if you’re interested in offering a meditation, please let me know. I’d love to feature some other voices here, because in my experience, the greater wisdom comes from the group, not the individual in isolation.
It’s hard for me to give myself permission to take a break. I am, after all, the one who set out to keep a page-a-day practice in 1999 and haven’t been able to give it up yet, though I did take a break from fiction after my mom died and dove deep into my journals instead. But I have written every day for more than 13 years now. I know if I don’t take a break from First Church of Metaphor at the end of its first year, I could end up in a kind of stubborn rut, which isn’t where I want this work to come from. So I’m experimenting. Trying to expand my horizons.
I’d like to thank those who’ve donated financially to the cause. In dreams, money represents energy—the energy I put into something being my work and the pay I receive being the universe’s response. One never knows when an effort will lead, through the ripples of connection, to helping someone else, and the internet is a strange place that can feel like a void when no one responds, so thanks to those who offer some of that “energy” back in the form of money.
I’d like to say my heartfelt thanks to those who’ve offered their comments here and those who’ve shared my posts with others. I’m grateful for the reminders that the internet isn’t a void, just a very busy place. I’m honored that you choose to spend some of your time and attention here.
Blessed Solstice and Happy New Year to you all,

4 comments to Commitment and Vacation

  • Karen Robinson

    Dear Laura, I have been proud to call myself a Metaphorian, and thank you from the depths of my being for this wonderful site. And I’m glad you’re taking a vacation when you need to. I’m reminded that the amazing minister of our UU church takes a long vacation every summer, and comes back refreshed. My advice would be to post when the spirit says post, and rest when the spirit says rest.

    Much love and hugs,


  • Janet Fogg

    Dearest Laura, I have so enjoyed and learned from your thoughtful and often extraordinary posts. Thank you for sharing such a special vision and all of your efforts – in other words, thank you for being you. Karen was wise, suggesting that you post when the spirits says post. Love, Janet

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