Submission Guidelines

Work may be submitted in any of the following categories:

Sunday Meditation — Essays up to 1500 words, videos, or podcasts on the topics of metaphor, dream work as a spiritual practice, writing, art, or inspiration. Fiction excerpts will also be considered.

Monday Morning View — Visual art. Paintings and photography. Please send pdf files. Optional: if you’d like to include brief comments on the work, please do so.

Tuesday Tuber — dance videos, book trailers, inspirational videos, natural phenomena, etc. Please send links with a brief description of the video.

Wednesday Spotlight Dream Reading — discussions of dream symbols and dream snippets. All dream interpretation must follow the “If it were my dream” format, recognizing that the only things I can say about someone else’s dream are my own ideas about its meaning, and that consciously owning these projections is the most honest and compassionate way to proceed. For more on this idea, please see Jeremy Taylor’s Dream Work Tool Kit:

Thursday Flash — Flash fiction, jokes, funny videos under 3 minutes, comics, and brief quotations.

Friday Afternoon Poem — Poems of any length, any style. Preference will be given to poems that use metaphor.

Saturday Music — music videos or audio files.

General Guidelines: No graphic sex or violence. While these topics may be discussed on this site, we have enough images of this in our culture without perpetuating them here. All work should be the contributor’s own creation, unless the work is in the public domain or is clearly intended for sharing, such as You Tube videos that are able to be embedded. You may also submit short quotations by other authors. By submitting your work, you retain copyright but give permission for the work to be posted on the First Church of Metaphor site indefinitely.

Submissions should include a brief bio (75 words max) and links to your web presence.

I’m unable to offer payment for work at this time. Published pieces will include links to the contributor’s web presence. All submissions will also be considered for possible inclusion in anthologies of First Church of Metaphor posts, in ebook and/or print forms. The creators of the works so used will receive a share of profits from any such publication.

Send submissions to: