Gordon Adams is a poet, actor, teacher, and consultant in Silver Spring, Maryland. He can be reached at

Donald Beriev is finishing school in Detroit, Michican and hopes to one day return to the northern wilderness he came from. He is an avid runner and soccer player and spends his spare time inventing reasons to not finish his to-do list.

Colleen Condit is a creative nomad in search of the eleventieth dimension. She holds magician’s degrees in both alchemic engineering and unicorn whispering. When she’s not busy juggling tarot cards and mirrors, Colleen works as a freelance editor, writer, artist, and sometimes musician. Look for more of her work at

Laura K. Deal is a writer, teacher, and dream worker. She has a Ph.D. in History and is a Certified Dream Work Facilitator through the Marin Institute for Projective Dreamwork. You can find her at: and Her print books are available through Amazon, and her ebooks are available at:,

Rob Evans is an artist and independent curator who lives and works near Wrightsville, PA. He received a BFA from Syracuse University in 1981 and has been awarded grants from the Ford Foundation, the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, the E.D. Foundation, the Eben Demarest Trust and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation.  Evans’ meticulous paintings and drawings have been featured in numerous solo and curated group exhibitions. Find more of his work at

Robert W. Evans has been writing poetry for the last 30 of his 75 years. He was one of the founders of Waverley Writers, a Palo Alto California poets group, which has been in existence since 1981. In 1994 he received a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. He works full-time as an arborist in the San Francisco mid-peninsula. His other interests include hiking and nature photography. His one child, Phoebe, is a jeweler with a shop in Capitola, California. She is now 47.
His most recent publication was in the anthology: “A Bird as Black as the Sun: California Poets on Crows and Ravens” (2011)

Brenda Ferrimani is a renowned artist who draws her inspiration for her artwork from her dreams. You can find her online at her dream art website and at Dreaming Global Illumination.

Paul Flanders recently retired after 33 years of teaching history, journalism and English classes at Longmont High School. In addition to his teaching career, Paul has been a business editor in Boise, Idaho, a reporter and columnist. He enjoys writing fiction, playing competitive bridge and tennis, hiking, reading and disc golf. You can read more of his work at his blog.

Janet Fogg‘s focus on writing began in the 1990s when she was CFO for the coolest architectural firm in Boulder. Fifteen writing awards later, Janet retired to write full-time, and ten months after that she signed a contract for Soliloquy, her award-winning WWII historical romance. In 2011 Casemate Publishing released Fogg in the Cockpit, co-authored by Janet and her husband Richard Fogg. Based on the wartime diary of Richard’s father, Fogg in the Cockpit offers a first hand look at Howard Fogg’s fascinating and often unexpected story as a fighter pilot during WWII.  Janet was the 2010 Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Published Author Liaison, is a long-time member of RMFW, Pikes Peak Writers, and two fantastic critique groups. In her free time she has fun with cars with Richard.

Richard Fogg is the co-author of Fogg in the Cockpit, which offers a unique window into the world of a World War II fighter pilot.

Kim Hansen’s life work has been somatic education through dance, massage therapy, athletics, and the Feldenkrais Method. Her revolutionary acts of the 21st century include using a clothesline, growing food, making art, and lying on the floor to explore her relationship to gravity. You can contact her at

Jo Jackson is a fine artist and graphic designer. She has an MFA in Studio Art from the Department of Arts & Consciousness at John F. Kennedy University, and a BS in Graphic Design from San Jose State University. She is interested in the mysteries and imperatives of creativity and the symbolic process, perception, communication, and the construction, transformation, and healing of the “self.” An chronicler of her dreams for over 30 years, she has studied dream work for over 15 with Jeremy Taylor (, Kelly Bulkeley (, and Fariba Bogzaran ( Jo’s work may be seen here:

Joel Jackson studied both art and computer science after graduating from college. He now works in I.T., and has spent a few years experimenting with combining these two interests. This work is what he calls digital art paintings. He describes the technique this way: “While I use photographs as a reference, (sometimes 3 or 4 different images for one painting), these are not computer software generated images of photographs. My method involves digitally hand-painting each individual brush stroke creating an entirely new image on a digital canvas. The final result is then printed on 100% cotton fine art paper using the giclée printing process. It’s still an on-going experimentation and learning process for me.”

Josh Keyes’ style is reminiscent of the diagrammatic vocabulary found in scientific textbook illustrations that often express through a detached and clinical viewpoint an empirical representation of the natural world. Assembled into this virtual stage set are references to contemporary events along with images and themes from his personal mythology. Josh Keyes’ work is a hybrid of eco-surrealism and dystopian folktales that express a concern for our time and the Earth’s future.
Josh Keyes was born in Tacoma, Washington. He received a BFA in 1992 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA in 1998 from Yale University. Keyes currently lives and works in Portland Oregon. You can find more of his work at

Kiyomisa, a.k.a. Zhenille,  is a dabbler in art and writing. She at one time considered pursing either as a career, but decided she liked both too much to subject them to being a “job”. You can find more of her work at her Deviant Art site.

Johanne (Jo) LaRocque is a writer/photographer/dream worker who happily lives in the southwest corner of the Monterey Peninsula surrounded by trees and golf courses.

John Q. McDonald lives, writes, and paints in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has a bachelor of arts degree in Physics from University of California at Santa Cruz, and a masters degree in Astronomy from San Diego State University. He has worked at the SETI Institute, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, and Space Sciences Laboratory at UC Berkeley, where he is an aerospace engineer. He has also worked at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope on Mauna Kea, the highest mountain in the Pacific. At Berkeley, he has assisted in teaching writing courses that focus on the environment, object and place in writing. The experience of place, both natural and man-made, and the interaction between the two, are themes in John’s writing and painting. He has been painting in oils and since 1992 and drawing from life with pastels since 1996. His work has appeared in several group shows in Berkeley, Hawaii and Yosemite National Park. John was born in New England, where lighthouses are elemental to the coastal landscape and the landscape of the literature and art of the sea. For John, the lighthouse is a symbol of deep inner contemplation and monastic seclusion. He has been painting and drawing lighthouses since childhood. This work, Tybee Island Light in coastal Georgia, is a part of this ongoing theme. You can view his online portfolio here.

Nancy Powell is a singer, dream worker, and poet in her creative life.  She uses her art to connect to spirit, share common experiences with others and capture inner wisdom.  She loves to be part of and work with groups of women where each member provides invaluable support to others for life’s journey to healing and wellness.

Kevin Raeder resisted his mother’s heartfelt suggestions that he become a professional photographer, in favor of keeping photography safely disconnected from his paycheck. His paycheck comes from supporting data assimilation research at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Data assimilation is essentially creating the best picture we can manage of the earth’s physical state. Maybe he followed his mother’s suggestion after all.

Maia Raeder is currently a college student. She is interested in a wide variety of subjects but mostly sticks to art as her passion. She has no idea what she wants to do with her life, but as they say… onward and upward.

Tom Riggs is a self-taught artist in Fort Collins, Colorado. He loves watercolors and anything that catches his eye is fair game. Tom has also worked in pastels, wood carving, airbrush and has done some mural work as well. You can see more of his work at

Karen Deal Robinson is a mathematics teacher, novelist, poet, and musician, with interests ranging from sundials and labyrinths to prayer beads and board games. You can find out more at her website, and you can find her novels here.

Alma Sanbern is a studio artist in Centennial CO who also teaches workshops to adults and children. She is a dream worker and energy healer, Reiki master/teacher. She says, “I love to capture the effects of light on objects, natural and otherwise. That is mesmerizing to me.” You can find her on Facebook and at her website.

Natalie Sudman worked as an archeologist in the Great Basin states for 16 years before accepting a position managing construction contracts in Iraq. After being injured in Iraq, she retired from government service to concentrate on art and writing, both long-time passions. Raised in Minnesota, Natalie has lived most of her adult life in eastern Oregon, Montana, and South Dakota. She recently moved to southern Arizona where she has started a business making cremation and memorial urns (, and continues to write. Her artwork is available through Davis & Cline Galleries in Ashland Oregon.  Application of Impossible Things: Out of Body in Iraq is available on Amazon and through Barnes and Noble – or ask for it at your favorite bookstore.

Jeremy Taylor, an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister, has worked with dreams for more than forty years, blending the values of spirituality with an active social conscience and a Jungian perspective. He is the author of The Living Labyrinth: Universal Themes in Myths, Dreams and the Symbolism of Waking Life Dream Work and The Wisdom of Your Dreams. Jeremy Taylor is also a published poet and a prizewinning screenwriter. He lives in Fairfield, California, with his wife, with whom he leads Myth and Dream Tours around the world. You can find him online at

Kathryn Taylor is an artist who works with dream imagery, and the author of Dreaming While I’m Awake. You can find more of her work at her website.

Jaelynne Tolman learned to adore metaphor and symbolism years ago as a graduate student and teacher of literature.  A lover of words and meaning, she is fluent in both Spanish and Italian and knows a smattering of several other European languages.  In the early 2000s, she became actively involved in several on-line dream forums, eventually certifying as a dream mentor through the Marin Institute for Projective Dreamwork (MIPD).   A retired federal employee, she now enjoys writing poetry, practicing yoga, interpreting dreams, and raising an artistically gifted daughter.

Karen Windness studied illustration at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design where she was a valedictorian graduate in 2002. Karen is currently working as a middle grade novelist, pet portrait artist and children’s book illustrator. She enjoys the challenge of working on several creative projects simultaneously and is never too busy to take on new commissions.  For more information, please visit and her blog, Random Acts of Creativity at

Donlyn Arbuthnot Whissen says, “I love color!  I grew up in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado.  Surrounded everyday by the ever changing colors of nature.  Creating was a way of life and continues to be so.  With my watercolor paint, a few brushes, I bring the color of nature into your home or business.  Sharing beautiful images with others is what I enjoy the most.  I hope you enjoy my paintings.” You can find more of her work at her website:

Shirley Wilsey, having survived careers as a teacher, a lawyer, and a technical writer, lives in Berthoud, Colorado, with her two cats. Her real job has always been writing, but she’s still learning how to make that her first priority. Given enough time and grace, she hopes to eventually get to the place, in writing and life, that she is supposed to be.