Nissan Leaf as a Dream Symbol

Photo by Laura K. Deal

Last May, my husband and I bought our first new car—a Nissan Leaf. It’s all electric, no gasoline. We use it for almost all of our driving; having plug-ins at or near all the places we usually go. A couple of weeks ago, it showed up for the first […]

Dream Garden

By Collen Condit


Colleen Condit is a creative nomad in search of the eleventieth dimension. She holds magician’s degrees in both alchemic engineering and unicorn whispering. When she’s not busy juggling tarot cards and mirrors, Colleen works as a freelance editor, writer, artist, and sometimes musician. Look for more of her work at […]

Blue Lips

“Blue Dream of Sky”

“I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes. ” e. e. cummings

Blue in Dreams

Photo by Colleen Condit

When I dream of blue, it’s usually the color of cobalt glass, like the blue in Colleen’s photo. Certain associations have come up so often when I’ve worked these dreams that they pop to mind easily. The first is the association with depression and sadness. “I’m feeling blue,” is a […]

Looking for Beauty

A friend recently commented that she tries to see the humor in every situation in life, and that it helps her get through hard times. I think she’s worked harder at it than I have, because I often fail to even try to see the humor. But I know that I can try to see […]

Gifted Child

By Brenda Ferrimani


Brenda writes of this painting: I dreamt I was in the dark with a little girl. We found a beautiful cobalt blue crystal necklace and I fastened it around her neck. It was so big it covered her like a dress! The little girl inside me that […]

Boat as metaphor

Last weekend I had the pleasure of sitting with a circle of dreamers at Caritas Spiritist Center. It was another chance to sit with Jeremy Taylor and so many others in my Dream Family. All weekend I had the feeling that my name would be pulled, and it came out last, the final dream focus […]