Commitment and Vacation

Dear Readers,   I started this blog last winter solstice, and posted every day since. I’ve found it to be like any spiritual practice when undertaken with dedication and attention in that there have been times when it was exactly what I needed to cheer myself up, and other times when it’s felt like a […]


As I’m away from home delivering my daughter to college this weekend, I’ve decided to offer an essay I wrote years ago as a letter to both my daughters.


All worthy efforts in life require dedication. Anything that can be considered soul work, or art, or creativity, all require our attention and focus. Yet […]

Missing Finger Dream

While studying the Handless Maiden, I had this dream.

“Peach Cart and Missing Finger”

In a building, I can’t find my car key. Somehow I realize it’s in my shoe.

I’m trapped in a game of Cocoman, my friend S. is one of the people running it. I’m looking for a way to escape. On […]