Creativity at the Conference on World Affairs

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend panels offered by the Conference on World Affairs. I sought out the panels about creativity, spirituality, poetry, and stories. I heard a lot of things that affirmed my own experience, and other things that deepened my understanding, or challenged what I thought I knew. I’m still […]

John Cleese on creativity

Filling the Well

Some days, tapping into creative expression feels like dowsing for water in a desert. I listen for that still, small voice, or the movie projector in my mind, to offer the next words, the next images, the next mood that my writing requires. And some days, no matter how hard I listen, the only thing […]

Guardian Angel Eggplant

A couple of weeks ago I asked some friends for suggestions of dream symbols they’d like to see me discuss here. One of the most unusual was “An eggplant as a guardian angel.” Often when I hear a dream my mind goes to word play, so one of the first things I thought of was […]

Unused Creative Power

One of the most wicked destructive forces, psychologically speaking, is unused creative power….If someone has a creative gift and out of laziness, or for some other reason, doesn’t use it, the psychic energy turns to sheer poison. That’s why we often diagnose neuroses and psychotic diseases as not-lived higher possibilities.


Marie-Louise Von Franz, quoted […]

Seeds in Dreams

I recently heard a dream in which the last image was a decorative pin the dreamer had made with seed beads sewn onto leather. Because of the work we’d done on earlier parts of the dream, she had the realization that the seeds were the experiences she’s had in life, that everything she’d known was […]

The Handless Maiden

One of the stories we studied in Billie Ortiz’s Fairy Tale Class was the Handless Maiden. I haven’t read multiple versions or studied it in great detail, though I read both Robert A. Johnson’s discussion of it (in The Fisher King and the Handless Maiden) and Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ interpretation (in Women Who Run with […]

Simply Assisting God

Tippy Boat with Seals by Kathryn Taylor

By Piet Hein

I am a humble artist moulding my earthly clod, adding my labour to nature’s, simply assisting God.

Not that my effort is needed; yet somehow, I understand, my maker has willed it that I too should have unmoulded clay in my hand.


Piet […]

Sir Ken Robinson on Schools and Creativity

This is a very entertaining video with an important message.  

Vasalisa’s Doll—Reclaiming Intuition and Creativity

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been immersing myself in fairy tales, through a class offered by Billie Ortiz. I’ve sat in a lot of dream circles with Billie over the last twelve years, and her insights into dreams based on the symbols in fairy tales have been spot on. In the dream I […]