A dolmen is a Neolithic stone tomb, usually with two side stones and a capstone that spans the distance between the side stones. They were, in some cases at least, covered with soil, which has weathered away. They could be considered portals to the afterlife. As a dream symbol, they carry associations with death (transformation) […]


Recently, in response to my weighing the pros and cons of attempting NaNoWriMo, a friend said she isn’t a fan of arbitrary deadlines. It sparked the realization that the vast majority of my deadlines are arbitrary. I do not, at the moment, answer to anyone but myself about when I write, what I work on, […]

Train on the Mountain

Here’s a dream I recently heard, and received permission from the dreamer to post it with my response.

The dream:

The center is the mountain. It is large, steep, rounded on the top, and devoid of vegetation. On the mountain is a road covered with the train track. The only way around this mountain is […]

The Fox at the Window

By Karen Deal Robinson

It was in the month of May And the old folks they were ailing. We were worried and blue, didn’t know what to do When we saw their strength was failing. And we lay in bed, and we prayed and said “God, please send us beauty.” Then a fox overhead, right […]


A few days ago, I had my second close encounter in three weeks with a praying mantis. So I had to look for some insight into what a praying mantis represents. The key power of the praying mantis is, according to Ted Andrews, that of stillness.

Through learning to still the outer mind and go […]

Suicide and Transformation

One of the most disturbing metaphors that dreams employ is that of death. A friend recently wrote to me after a dream that his son had died. The dream had been so vivid that he couldn’t shake the despair of it all day. As a metaphor, death represents, in Jeremy Taylor’s words, “profound psycho-spiritual growth […]

“Shooting the Man on the Bus”

Here’s a dream from a friend which I had a lot of immediate reactions to, so clearly I’m doing my own work in projected form on this dream, and what I say about it tells everyone much more about me than it does about the original dreamer.

I am aboard an old school bus covered […]

When Lightning Strikes

Lightning’s been on my mind lately, as so many fires in my home state have started with a bolt from the sky. Ironically, today marks the end of Lightning Safety Awareness Week in Colorado, after a busy June in which lightning started way too many fires. When the waking world manifests a phenomenon in ways […]

Measuring Life in Cats


A couple of weeks ago, I brought home a rescue cat who is seventeen years old. When I met Smoke, I thought her bony frame was just from being an elderly cat. I’d been through the slow emaciation of another cat, my 21-year-old Tilki, who died almost three years ago, so I was […]

Bristlecone Pine

I first heard Jim Salestrom sing “Bristlecone Pine” by Hugh Prestwood when he appeared in concernt with Acoustic Eidolon. I loved it, and bought the recording so I could listen again and again. Eventually, the images that arose for me became the seeds of a novel. I love the imagery in this video, too, of […]