Reflections on a Photo of a White Iris

By Johanne LaRocque


Feathery… Floating…Fluttering Angel wings encasing, protecting not quite closing over Gaping… Yawning…Mouth Spilling precious sacred secrets Into the night from deep inside

Reflecting roots grounded in earths of generations past

Strengthened and nurtured By timeless gardeners’ love affairs With ancestor flowers To bring this one here, now To joy’s full bloom […]

The Moon

Photo credit NASA/JPL/USGS

This weekend the moon waxed full, a bright circle in the night sky, a sign of wholeness. I get reminders every month of the full moon through my friend Brenda Ferrimani’s project Dreaming Global Illumination, but I would notice it anyway. I’m one of the people who thinks it’s way cool […]

Carl Sagan: Pale Blue Dot

From: Cosmos

Carl Sagan, in Cosmos:

As the ancient myth makers knew, we are children equally of the earth and the sky. In our tenure on this planet we’ve accumulated dangerous evolutionary baggage — propensities for aggression and ritual, submission to leaders, hostility to outsiders — all of which puts our survival in some doubt. But we’ve […]

Antelope Cormorant

Photo by John Dwyer

You can find more of John Dwyer’s work at Earth Tones Images.