What it comes down to…

By Cynthia Swan

Driving from my son’s home to my own After a late night babysitting my grandson, I drop into the stream of my thoughts, glide through a reverie, Passing miles of houses, people at home doing people things. Moving from couch to bed, eating chocolate, brushing teeth, Tucking in the smallest child, glancing […]

Phil Kaye–Why We Tell Stories


This is one of my favorite weeks of the year, even though it involves a lot of house cleaning and cooking, which are not among my preferred activities. I love, though, that we have a holiday dedicated to gratitude. I also love that in my family, the day isn’t fraught with drama, as it is […]

Dream Mother

By Laura K. Deal

(For Billie Ortiz)

After the dark dream when the image lingers like an answer whose question is forgotten in the stark light of day the dreamer needs her sisters those who can speak of blood and the fragile wings of hope in one breath, those who know a woman’s secrets.

After […]

Wolf as a dream symbol

When I asked for dream symbols to discuss here, one of my friends offered this: “I dreamed a lot about wolves after 9/11, and I never had before. But that’s pretty obvious.” Not having the narratives of those dreams handy, my guess is that the wolves appear as threatening, symbols of viciousness and appetite that […]

Spiritual Framework

A truly modern person can not go off to a convent or the Himalayas exclusively to search for spirituality; nor can she pour herself exclusively into her family, profession, and practicality. It is the prime task of a truly modern mind to endure both the spiritual and practical as a framework for her life.

Robert […]


On Tuesday I had the pleasure of working a dream with Billie Ortiz, my dream sister and the founder of “Dream Camp,” where I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting my dream family. One of the symbols in my dream was a refrigerator, and Billie offered the projection that refrigerators are metaphors for memory, because […]