Small Messengers

Photo by Laura K. Deal

I have a history with bees. The associations are multiple and interconnected, and bees are showing up in my dreams and in waking life.

From running barefoot in the backyard, I had my share of childhood beestings. They hurt like crazy, and then my foot would swell and it […]


By Donald Beriev

A thing few people, well actually no people, know about me is my intense love of darkness. Darkness and the night. Black forests and black nights.

Darkness speaks to me. It resonates with my soul. Does this statement scare you? Well, it shouldn’t. Not if you understand the kind of darkness I […]

Curiosity and Compassion

Recently a friend shared this thought with me: “Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity.” It struck me, the queen of imagining worst-case scenarios, as good advice, if hard to implement. After all, I have lifelong habits of worrying and being afraid.

Yet I also have the habit of curiosity. It’s what leads me as […]

The Consort

The Road by Richard Fogg

When I was a child, my mom told me that before I was born, she’d hoped I’d be twins, because she wanted to have another child but couldn’t endure another pregnancy. The idea gave metaphorical birth to an imaginary sibling, one who would take my side when my older […]


On Tuesday I had the pleasure of working a dream with Billie Ortiz, my dream sister and the founder of “Dream Camp,” where I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting my dream family. One of the symbols in my dream was a refrigerator, and Billie offered the projection that refrigerators are metaphors for memory, because […]