Reflections on a Photo of a White Iris

By Johanne LaRocque


Feathery… Floating…Fluttering Angel wings encasing, protecting not quite closing over Gaping… Yawning…Mouth Spilling precious sacred secrets Into the night from deep inside

Reflecting roots grounded in earths of generations past

Strengthened and nurtured By timeless gardeners’ love affairs With ancestor flowers To bring this one here, now To joy’s full bloom […]

Mother’s Day 2014

By Laura K. Deal


On this cold, wet, snowy Mother’s Day, my daughters study for their final exams, taking their education seriously, with the background awareness that not everyone on the planet shares this privilege. I hold them in gratitude and pride, for the ways they’ve blossomed because of, and despite, my […]


Years ago my husband and I converted our front lawn into raised flower beds and planted flowers that wouldn’t require as much water in our dry climate as the Kentucky Bluegrass that had been there. I planted peonies because I’d fallen in love with the ones I’d seen blooming in the cemetery in Pipestone, Minnesota. […]