Dream Garden

By Collen Condit


Colleen Condit is a creative nomad in search of the eleventieth dimension. She holds magician’s degrees in both alchemic engineering and unicorn whispering. When she’s not busy juggling tarot cards and mirrors, Colleen works as a freelance editor, writer, artist, and sometimes musician. Look for more of her work at […]

“How close I want to be”

By Roger Peterson


How close I want to be to you my love I smell your heat I taste the breath upon your lips And I am made a man

Understand my love this wall between my longing and my having. So small an obstacle but strong is the fear that keeps me from […]


Years ago my husband and I converted our front lawn into raised flower beds and planted flowers that wouldn’t require as much water in our dry climate as the Kentucky Bluegrass that had been there. I planted peonies because I’d fallen in love with the ones I’d seen blooming in the cemetery in Pipestone, Minnesota. […]

Dream Garden

Photo by Laura K Deal

When you dig What do you find? The roots of life Piercing the soil.

What do you find In the roots of your soul, Piercing the soil, Seeking crevices in bedrock?

In the roots of your soul Where the hurting lurks Seeking crevices in bedrock Holding on.

Where the […]