40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

This is a bit sillier than the video on Tuesday!

Bone Temple Collage

This is the collage I created part way through the first draft of my novel Bone Temple. Some of the key scenes in the story came from the images.

By Laura K. Deal

Dream Inspirations

Dreams have long been associated with creative inspiration in the expressive arts, and this popular association has tended to obscure the equally dramatic and consistent history of dream-inspired scientific and technical discovery and innovation. Descartes first formulated the basic philosophical stance of Rational Empiricism which undergirds the entire development of modern science as the result […]

Bristlecone Pine

I first heard Jim Salestrom sing “Bristlecone Pine” by Hugh Prestwood when he appeared in concernt with Acoustic Eidolon. I loved it, and bought the recording so I could listen again and again. Eventually, the images that arose for me became the seeds of a novel. I love the imagery in this video, too, of […]