Photo by Laura K. Deal


I took this photo from a jet airplane on August 5, 2013.

Alex Day–Good Morning Sunshine

I’m needing a little cheering up today…

The Fox at the Window

By Karen Deal Robinson

It was in the month of May And the old folks they were ailing. We were worried and blue, didn’t know what to do When we saw their strength was failing. And we lay in bed, and we prayed and said “God, please send us beauty.” Then a fox overhead, right […]

The Dark, the Light

No matter how many times she tried to imagine that scene with the yellow light that she knew had been there, she had to struggle to visualize it. She was beaten in the dark, and she had remained there, on a cold, dark kitchen floor. Even Papa’s music was the color of darkness.

Even Papa’s […]


By Laura K. Deal

Do you see what I have here? A diamond of pain, Crushed to cutting strength By sheer determination. The fierce drive to survive. Do you see what light the diamond holds? The light of my gift My divine sunshine My blessed weeping Trying to soothe the fierce Winds of the family. […]

Light and Dark

By Karen Deal Robinson

In midsummer, vines fill my window, And the sun hides high above the eaves, And can’t find the crystal I’ve hung for it. In the long bright days of summer, My window is cool, and green, and dark.

In midwinter, vines are bare, And the sun peeks low beneath the eaves; […]

Pursued through Cinder Block Corridors

Starting when I was very young, maybe three years old, I had a recurring nightmare:

I’m running away from someone who intends to hurt me if he catches me. The walls of the hallway I’m in are cinder block, the corridors straight but laid out in a maze. I run, too terrified, too aware of […]


As a symbol, the lighthouse has a lot of power. It serves as a beacon for ships at sea, showing the edge of the land. If the sea is a symbol for the vast unconscious, the lighthouse serves to mark the boundary of conscious thought. For me, this is a symbol with deeply personal […]