Tornadoes as a Dream Symbol

Throughout history and around the world, people have seen tornadoes as manifestations of God’s will. In the Book of Job in the Old Testament, God speaks to Job out of a whirlwind. In Hosea, the whirlwind is the punishment of the wicked. The fearsome power of tornadoes, and wind in general, is associated with the […]

Metaphor from Advent

A great mage’s reaction to the Copernican revolution:

He knew, needless to say, that Copernik was wrong. He knew it the same way he knew that spring followed winter, that water flowed downward. For decades he had been perfectly familiar with the several virtues of the fixed and the wandering stars. Seated in his observatory […]

Upcoming Dreams and Sandplay Workshop


Recently, in response to my weighing the pros and cons of attempting NaNoWriMo, a friend said she isn’t a fan of arbitrary deadlines. It sparked the realization that the vast majority of my deadlines are arbitrary. I do not, at the moment, answer to anyone but myself about when I write, what I work on, […]


After I posted my recurring dream motif of “packing to go home,” I had a dream in which I was about to check-in to a hotel. My first response is that I’m seeing something in my life as at the beginning of the journey now, rather than the end. But it makes me wonder about […]

The Importance of Story

Humans have a long history of defining themselves as different from other animals, as tool-users, as language-users, as God’s chosen. I can’t speak to the last one, but it’s clear that the boundaries we’ve tried to put between ourselves and other creatures on this earth have been eroded, as we find various species from apes […]


“Consciousness possesses the characteristics of an absolute metaphor–something known to exist which cannot be otherwise described.”

J. F. Pagel, “The Synchronous Electrophysiology of Conscious States” in Dreaming: Journal of the Association for the Study of Dreams, Vol. 22, Number 3, September 2012 p. 173.


Dance Quotes: “The World’s Favorite Metaphor”

Marion Woodman: The Addicted World

I found this clip of Marion Woodman in Billie Ortiz’s newsletter.

Trapeze as a Metaphor

I dreamed again of a flying trapeze the other night. I’ve had a few very memorable dreams in the past where I was watching trapeze artists flying over great distances, grasping each others’ hands in amazing catches. But this time, I was on the trapeze myself.

The dream opens with me introducing Jeremy Taylor to […]