Mother’s Day 2014

By Laura K. Deal


On this cold, wet, snowy Mother’s Day, my daughters study for their final exams, taking their education seriously, with the background awareness that not everyone on the planet shares this privilege. I hold them in gratitude and pride, for the ways they’ve blossomed because of, and despite, my […]

Mama Hope

I love the joy in this video and the story behind it. Please check out the Mama Hope website. The video about how it all started is very moving.



Dream Mother

By Laura K. Deal

(For Billie Ortiz)

After the dark dream when the image lingers like an answer whose question is forgotten in the stark light of day the dreamer needs her sisters those who can speak of blood and the fragile wings of hope in one breath, those who know a woman’s secrets.

After […]

I Am Too Alone In The World, And Not Alone Enough

By Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by Robert Bly

I am too alone in the world, and not alone enough to make every minute holy. I am too tiny in this world, and not tiny enough just to lie before you like a thing, shrewd and secretive. I want my own will, and I want simply […]

Foxes in Waking Life and Dreams

One side effect of paying attention to the metaphors in dreams is noticing symbols and signs in waking life. Little synchronicities gain significance when they recur, just like recurring dreams. In my life, foxes show up to remind me of my mom and sister, and when I’m focused on dream reading.

Photo by Laura […]

Hands (a prose poem)

By Gordon Adams

Each finger was different. None would be called “beautiful.” Not quite claws, but sometimes close. The joints were swollen with arthritis, bulging out, each one in a different direction. The skin was creased and lined. The nails, unpainted, were a sickly gray-yellow. The skin mottled with age spots. The palms were puffy […]

Broken Pelvis Dream

Three years and a month ago, I had a dream that still offers unfolding understanding as I walk my life.

I’m standing at the counter of a hotel. My pelvis is broken in three places and there is no clerk to help me. I think, “I have to sit down,” but immediately amend that to […]

My Mother Calls to Me

By Nancy Powell


Here beneath this towering tree Atop this granite rock Lazy lying on this bed of straw My mother calls to me

Come, come with longing Blow across my valley Scramble like a goat Up to my highest peak

Sit as the silent breeze Stirs across your face Smell the dusky fire […]

To My Dear Friend on the Death of Her Mother

By Shirley Wilsey


You will wander for a time In this dark wood But one day, looking up Through looming branches You’ll catch a glimpse of sky And your whole being will know What your heart knows now The sunrays brightly patterning The forest floor you tread Are symbols of your mother’s love



Mother Trees

This is a lovely explanation of the science behind what many of us have long sensed about forests and trees, though the parenting metaphor doesn’t depend on gender. These could as easily be Father Trees.


Video from KarmaTube