Interview with Andrew Austin

I’m delighted to share this interview I did with Andrew Austin, developer of the technique he calls Metaphors of Movement. By helping people fully imagine the metaphors they use to describe their lives, he helps them find ways to move out of the confining structures of their own thoughts. Based in the U.K., he offers […]

The Best of Parkour and Freerunning

Filling the Well

Some days, tapping into creative expression feels like dowsing for water in a desert. I listen for that still, small voice, or the movie projector in my mind, to offer the next words, the next images, the next mood that my writing requires. And some days, no matter how hard I listen, the only thing […]

Pink Glove Dance

This video always makes me happy, communicating joy through movement and music, and I need a bit of cheering, so I’m sharing it with you.