Autumn Reflection


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A Place to Reflect


Colleen Condit is a creative nomad in search of the eleventieth dimension. She holds magician’s degrees in both alchemic engineering and unicorn whispering. When she’s not busy juggling tarot cards and mirrors, Colleen works as a freelance editor, writer, artist, and sometimes musician. Look for more of her work at


Missing Person

By Nancy Deal

I glanced at my reflection As I was passing by, And this brief inspection Showed a sight that wasn’t I. No sunburned nose, no uncurled hair, No slightly crooked grin– Just a wall, blank and bare, Where a mirror had always been.



Until I found this in her papers, I […]

Haiku collection

Today I offer six haiku by Jaelynne Tolman. These weren’t written to be grouped together, but I like how they relate to one another.

I see what I see but understand what I see is through a keyhole

Each and every day I clean my dusty mirror in meditation

My projecting eyes reflect […]