Shadowed windows open

By Karen Perrell Campbell



Shadowed windows open Am I the guide or the guided Learning which path to take Opening the door to understanding?

Am I the guide or the guided Listening to the innocent Opening the door to understanding Parting the curtains to the […]

Mid-Day Shadows

"Mid-Day Shadows" by Joel Jackson

Joel Jackson studied both art and computer science after graduating from college. He now works in I.T., and has spent a few years experimenting with combining these two interests. This work is what he calls digital art paintings. He describes the technique this way: “While I use photographs as […]


By Richard Fogg


The shadows lengthen. Years become decades. The Questions remain. Those for whom the Answers are everything have become bitter. The wise merely smile, for they have learned the Answers are not important: it is their pursuit that strengthens the mind and nourishes the soul. Would not the Answers, if obtainable, merely […]