Photo by Laura K. Deal


I took this photo from a jet airplane on August 5, 2013.

Nissan Leaf as a Dream Symbol

Photo by Laura K. Deal

Last May, my husband and I bought our first new car—a Nissan Leaf. It’s all electric, no gasoline. We use it for almost all of our driving; having plug-ins at or near all the places we usually go. A couple of weeks ago, it showed up for the first […]

Touch the Sky–Julian Lennon

Blue in Dreams

Photo by Colleen Condit

When I dream of blue, it’s usually the color of cobalt glass, like the blue in Colleen’s photo. Certain associations have come up so often when I’ve worked these dreams that they pop to mind easily. The first is the association with depression and sadness. “I’m feeling blue,” is a […]


By Maia Raeder


Maia Raeder is a college student. She is interested in a wide variety of subjects but mostly sticks to art as her passion. She has no idea what she wants to do with her life, but as they say… onward and upward.


The Night Sky in Dreams

Nocturne by Jo Jackson

I’ve learned to pay attention to the quality of light in dreams as a clue to how conscious the problem or situation is that the dream illustrates. If the dream takes place in full daylight, it’s likely to be about a situation I’m familiar with. If the dream plays out […]

Childhood Dreams

By Shirley Wilsey

The bad dream came again The giant with the axe He was chasing me All over the house In the dark corner of the pantry I hid. I was so scared

It was dark, like the nights Before we got electricity But the colors of things were bright Against the dark The […]

To My Dear Friend on the Death of Her Mother

By Shirley Wilsey


You will wander for a time In this dark wood But one day, looking up Through looming branches You’ll catch a glimpse of sky And your whole being will know What your heart knows now The sunrays brightly patterning The forest floor you tread Are symbols of your mother’s love