Sunset over the Pacific

Photo by Johanne LaRoque

Photo by Johanne LaRoque

Sunset Football

With all the recent hoopla over Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow, I thought I’d offer this photo of the game without the trappings.    

Photo by Laura K. Deal

Lucky Man

By Donald Beriev

I have often wondered how I can be so upbeat; living in the middle of Detroit’s depressing urban decline. Living alone, with no one to talk to. Having very few entertainment choices. Running on concrete.

Driving home one night signing songs loudly to the car radio, laughing out loud as I amused […]

Red Sails in the Sunset

My mom used to sing this song, though without quite as much swing as Fats Domino puts into it. I couldn’t resist this video by hannepan02 because it made me dance and I love the images.