“The Silent Meadow” Excerpt

Here’s the scene from “The Silent Meadow” that helped me overcome my fear of bees. I was terrified of them as a kid, and after writing this story I work beside them in my garden without fear, and they work around me. Writing is magic.


Art by Leah Palmer Preiss

With new understanding, she released her breath with love, not fear, over the pollen.  Slowly the ball shifted, grew wings, legs, antennae, and a stinger.  Kalyr flinched, knowing how awful it would feel.  The bee crawled sluggishly toward the edge of her palm.  But as she watched it walking, instead of menace, she felt each tiny step as a caress.  The bee tested its wings and lifted off.

It flew from flower to flower and from each blossom another bee rose up and flew away.  The rust faded from the leaves.  The flowers straightened and opened new blooms.  Every petal on the ground transformed into a beetle, a line of ants, or a grasshopper.  The swallow swooped down from a tree to gather her meal.  The sounds multiplied until the meadow flourished.  As she watched and listened, Kalyr laughed with joy.

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