Tornadoes as a Dream Symbol

Throughout history and around the world, people have seen tornadoes as manifestations of God’s will. In the Book of Job in the Old Testament, God speaks to Job out of a whirlwind. In Hosea, the whirlwind is the punishment of the wicked. The fearsome power of tornadoes, and wind in general, is associated with the omnipotence of deities. Because of their shape, tornadoes are also associated with spirals and so carry the weight of the created universe, from galaxies to the human ear. Yet a tornado has a wildness to it that suggests vengefulness and fury.

When a tornado shows up in a dream, it often carries with it the metaphorical meaning of a message from the Divine, or our spiritual selves. Jeremy Taylor has a thorough article on tornadoes on his website, and states that in his extensive experience, “The dream ‘tornado’, over and over again, turns out to be symbol of the dreamer’s own personal relationship to the deepest unasked and unanswered psycho-spiritual questions is his/her life, and these issues always have transpersonal implications as well.” When I dream of a tornado, then, it’s worth asking what questions I’ve been grappling with, or should be grappling with, in my psyche or spirit.

We have many images of tornadoes in our collective awareness, from the one in The Wizard of Oz to the ones that are caught on video by bystanders and tornado chasers and news cameras. It’s easy to see how such an image could influence a dreamer’s night time dreams, especially if those images were first seen at an impressionable young age. But it’s simplistic to “blame” a movie version of a tornado for repeated tornado dreams. Millions of people have seen The Wizard of Oz, yet not every person who saw it for the first time as young child has recurring tornado dreams. A more interesting approach, to me, is to ask why the image captures some people’s imaginations so strongly, while not affecting others. My projection is that the tornado shows up in dreams because, as the dreamer, I have a spiritual calling or a deep issue within my psyche that needs my attention. The tornado gets my attention in a big way, especially if the dream feels nightmarish, and by its intensity suggests that the spiritual question is of the utmost importance in my life.

The tornado in the Wizard of Oz acts as a transformative agent, taking Dorothy out of her familiar life and depositing her in a strange world where she discovers that she has more power than she’d ever imagined. This symbolism holds true in many tornado dreams, where the new, strange world is a metaphorical one, but the dreamer’s ability to discover unexpected abilities and powers is literal.

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  • consuelo figueroa

    I been dreamn of tornadoes n after the dreams people have bn leaving my life. A few friends n thn my husband. They didnt die, they jst changed the way they use2b n then they left. My husband started changing. He wouldnt do the things he use2 do, help me, he was more negative towards me. The energy frm him became more negative so I left him. I started questioning the bible bcause he and I were both baptized yet he would quote scriptures but he wasnt even doing wat the bible asked of us2 do. Somthing happened 2me prior 2 the last tornadoe dream which I feel was about him. I was n the woods n the spirit was n me. I was speaking n a language unknown 2me. All I could understand is that I was sayn “Allah” n this went on for an hour – an hr and 1/2. So I thought 2myself maybe im n the wrong religion. I really dont believe in religion, I believe in having faith… Ppl hv bn adding and taking out of the bible and maybe the quoran. Im nt sure if they hv bn taking out quoran, thts wat I heard. Bt im jst confused bcause idw 2b going the wrong route. I had bn prayn to leave the situation I was in prior 2metting my husband n whn we met its like we were inseparable. No matter if we left eachother god always brought us back together. I feel satan was tryn 2 break us up n the beginning so I wouldnt b able to get baptized. Bt I held on n nw my husband is gone. We made a covenant with god n I feel like I broke it. B4 I left my husband I had a dream tht I was torment by demons n I felt the torment n reality, n my sleep so I thought tht it meant if I stayed with him I was going2 hell. I dnt knw if I took the dream out of context.

    • Laura Deal

      It doesn’t surprise me that tornadoes would show up during such a tumultuous time in life. When I imagine the dream of being tormented by demons, it makes it clear that something about the situation wants my attention pretty badly! And to think in the dream that if I stay with him, I’m going to hell, feels like a clear indicator that at some level I was seriously unhappy in the situation. Imagining myself as the dreamer, I was seeking some connection with the Divine, whatever I name it, and maybe I need to find that connection without other people’s relationship with the divine getting in my way. Thanks for sharing your dreams!

  • Gabrielle Sylvester

    I had a dream about a tornado last night. I used to have tornado dreams when I was a kid, too. I wanted to comment about the spiritual questions. I have a lot of questions, but I always figure that God will answer them when I get to Heaven, but you’re right, it’s worth it to ask them. Dreams are important messages from God. Thank you, so much.

  • Concepcion Siray

    I had a dream a tornado last night and in my dream. its a silver colored tornado .. but I Dont feel any wind .. I just saw it pass .. and every places where it passes the place is devastated ..

    Its the first time that I dream like it .. and in my prayer .. I receive a reply in my thought .. READ THE SCRIPTURES .. I think my spiritual aspect is getting weak for I have not been reading scriptures this week .. maybe i slowly destroying myself without knowing because I’m getting pass feeling ..

    but I still have time to renew things the good way .. I just have fear of doing something right now that might affect someone’s plan ..

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