Wedding of Alberta Spahr Banta


Wedding photo 1897 Wilmington Ohio


1897, Wilmington, Ohio, back of the parsonage. Standing, back row, left to right, Edgar Banta, Alberta Spahr Banta, Albert Newton Spahr, Joseph W. Spahr, Mrs. Caddie (Joseph W.) Spahr, Miss Annie Lemon, Alice Luella Spahr Baird, Maurice E. Baird, Minnie Spahr Rose, Dr. Harry Rose, Burgess Baird (son of Maurice), Paul R. Spahr. Front Row Donald Spahr (son of Joseph and Caddie of Cincinnati), Mary Elizabeth Spahr (mother of A.N. Spahr, died at 96), Vira Rose (Daughter of Minnie Rose), Joseph Spahr Jr. (of Springfield Ohio, son of J. W. Spahr).

Paul Spahr, over on the right, was my great grandfather.

4 comments to Wedding of Alberta Spahr Banta

  • Paul

    I wonder if we are related. My name is Paul Spahr. My ancestors were from Batavia Ohio. My grandfather’s name was Roman Spahr.

  • Paul Spahr

    Most of the Spahr’s in America are related.
    Max Spahr of Idaho did extensive research on the Spahr families of America.
    The Spahr’s migrated from Pennsylvania to Bucyrus, Ohio and spread out from there.
    One branch of the Spahr’s went to the southern states.
    Very interesting.

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