Colorado has been plagued by wildfires for much of June, burning places close to my heart and destroying far too many homes. My prayers go out to those who’ve lost their homes and to the firefighters who’ve been working so hard to save what they can. This photo of the recent fire in Estes Park is courtesy of Darrell Spangler.

Wild fire consuming house

Photo by Darrell Spangler

Darrell Spangler writes: “I have been a resident of the Estes Park area for a little over twenty years now. I survived the “Bobcat Gulch Fire” on Storm Mountain back in 2000 and never expected this intense of a fire here in town. This fire was about 500 yards from my cabin. Too close for comfort. I was told to evacuate, but chose to stay. This isn’t my first rodeo and I knew that I was in no danger. I wanted to be with my two dogs. I am well known in the area for my wildlife and scenic photos, and I am known worldwide for my astrophotography, primarily of comets. My heart goes out to the folks who lost everything. So very sad…” You can see more of his work at his website.

2 comments to Wildfire

  • Karen Robinson

    Wow. I saw this photo on the news. I didn’t know you were acquainted with the photographer. Whew!

    • Laura Deal

      I’m not acquainted with him, but I found his website and asked permission to post the photo. He graciously agreed. His website is worth a look–lots of beautiful photos there.

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